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We make mod is simulators: helicopters, boats, bots ai

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We are a development team making mod in simulators

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List of mods

List of mods


The flight simulation is very similar to a real helicopter has its own simulation, weight, dimensions, aerodynamics
The helicopter is affected by wind, rain, bullets. –°an damage: engine, blades, hull.
It is possible to replace blades, battery and helicopter repair bulbs
The simulation is stable with high ping (over 800ms) and server lags (less than 2fps).
The number of helicopters is increasing almost every month, at the moment there are 8 of them.

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Boats move on all water surfaces, even lakes.
Waves and wind affect movement.
You can climb the boat out of the water through the code and jump.
Shooting on the boat while driving is possible.
Each model has its own speed and agility.

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This is a mission progromator for bots and the bots Bots can be programmed for a very large number of actions.
You can customize the bot's reaction to the actions of a player, animal or zombie.
The bot can issue tasks and help to complete them itself.
The bot can sell or buy goods from the player, as well as exchange.
Optimization of bots is done so that you can program 1000 commands, but this will not load the server.

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Gunner is a mod that allows you to get
opportunities while in any vehicle while driving:
walk, shoot, fish, change loot, change the camera,
the gunner has an extensive config system where you can
configure each passenger or driver-pilot

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Project news

Project news

 v.3 - Added a system
v.3 - Added a system for transferring a character to

v.2.3 - Added a system for transferring a character to the landing point when exiting a vehicle (this system will solve problems with large vehicles and eliminate getting stuck in textures, as well as with the function of transferring throughout the cabin, the transfer of the character is done at...

2024-02-29 19:21:56 17
 Full PayPal is back!
Full PayPal is back! without intermediaries! We

Full **PayPal **is back! without intermediaries! We suspected that boosty was a temporary system and resolved legal issues in order to fully use PayPal without intermediaries! about a week ago boosty stopped providing payments via paypal, how lucky that our account was almost ready! But there...

2024-02-28 19:52:28 17
 update client, server
update client, server v.0.9411 - added version

update client, server v.0.9411 - added version inscription to the lower left corner of the map - fixed a bug due to which containers were not deleted separated by commas in the trigger - added a system for randomly deleting containers using the ";" sign - fixed a bug due to which random shift and...

2024-02-24 22:25:33 27
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