How to use the workshop We go to the workshop and in the site

How to use the workshop
1. We go to the workshop and in the site section select the desired mission and click download once.
2. Go to the download section and select "other"
3. For example, select the unit or intellect section and something else and click open - we get into the author's folder and we need to download everything from this author
4. We load everything from this author into the client, go through each cell and click download
5. all downloaded will appear on the left
6. in addition to sets and dialogues, they appear in their sections, since they are not marked on the map.
7. All objects that are on the map are hidden for selection when loading, you need to select 1 and the last from the left through the shift and click 1 time on the red icon and they will be immediately selected on the map and can be moved by holding the left mouse button (hold down 2 seconds and release)
8. The description will contain instructions on how to run the event correctly
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