A few plans and answers to questions: What we are currently

A few plans and answers to questions:
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What we are currently working on:
1. Minor fixes for helicopters and some new models.
2. A major update of the boats, with stairs and doors through which you can’t go through if they are closed and you can go through when they are open (as the doors should work, but everyone has problems with this in transport)
3. Mod dayz bots, we are very close to start pre-alpha test and alpha test, final edits on quests and dialogues.
4. So many gunner ideas that we want to implement and we are working on it.
1. Your mods are linked to the site, why is this done?
Answer) our latest development of protection is made so that part of the mod dayz is stored on the site so that it is more difficult to steal and pass off as your own, to burning theft and passing them off as your own is a common practice, for example, the RedFuckon thief built all his mods on this, simply stealing ours old designs without this protection.
2. Can you shut down the server Dayz remotely?
Answer) No, if it so happens that you don’t get a part of the mod dayz from the site, it simply won’t work until the next restart, but the server Dayz itself will work as it did.
3. Do you plan to remove this protection?
Answer) I doubt that scavengers who build their mods just by stealing our code and changing a couple of words will stop doing this, so we will improve our protection and help other projects protect their mods.
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