Alpha update v7.61 On hawk and uh1d, the transfer of damage to

Alpha update v7.61
1. On hawk and uh1d, the transfer of damage to the battery was removed
2. config_3rdPerson parameter renamed to hud_1rdPerson
3. Add the menu_1rdPerson parameter, which includes engine start and autopilot by button from the 1st person
4. Fix a bug with mi17 crashing into an invisible wall
5. fixed the way to get into the mi17 from under the cockpit, fixed the light
6. Add wheels for homemade
7. Homemade blades replaced by mh6
8. Add to the m_startSoundVolume, m_stopSoundVolume settings to adjust the volume of the sound of starting and turning off the engine
9. Doors don't disappear when you shoot them
10. All helicopters now have gas tank icons
11. Added black smoke when the engine is turned off and damaged. (In the kill_smoke settings), if the parameter is disabled, then white smoke around the helicopter
12. Add an engine explosion when it is killed (in the kill_explosion settings)
13. if there are no pilots at the controls, turn off the autopilot (in the auto_off_autopilot settings)
14. if there are no pilots at the controls, turn off the engine (in the auto_engine_shutdown settings)
15. added a single number of lives for the blades, it is set to 500
16. coef_damage_weapom The team has fully earned with the number 1 standard damage from any firearms, melee weapons and grenades. 0.5 gives 2x damage reduction, 2 gives 2x damage increase and so on
17. On military blades (mi17 and hawk) this indicator coef_damage_weapom is set to 0.5
18. Fix the cause of a stable and slow decrease in battery energy every time the engine is started
19. Rear hinged doors added to Mi17
20. Add helicopter Ec135
21. The mod dayz is divided into 2 parts (main and DLC) dlc will be updated frequently and now I will add new helicopters to it often
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