Apparently I need to write a news about this ... I made a bot

Apparently I need to write a news about this ...
1. I made a bot sibnic sibnic that looks for my mod dayz in the workshop and checks the description, and if the owner of this workshop does not have a license or it is blocked and there is no necessary text from the github in the description, the bot sibnic sibnic writes a message on my behalf that there is a violation.
2. If comments are disabled, he gives me a link to the mod, I double-check and send the DMCA ... there are about 1000 copies of my helicopter mod dayz in the workshop, you really think that I will add to everyone's friends and wait for him to add me to report a violation?...
3. For 2 years, I revoked about 20 licenses due to violations of the terms, as a rule, this secret server Dayz mod dayz fell on other projects, at the time of license revocation you do not have the right to add the mod dayz to the workshop WITHOUT a description from the github.

Follow the rules and get a mod dayz on which my team and I have been working for a long time and will still work, but if you break the rules, you get those actions that are described in the terms of this DMCA, and for cases when you continue to violate this litigation, I have money to hire lawyer remotely and I have already done so.

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