For a long time there was no news about what we are doing now and

For a long time there was no news about what we are doing now and what we are planning:
The order of updates for mods (the order of spending the main time, but periodically we rest, in our understanding, rest is taken up by the next mod dayz in the list πŸ˜„ )
a) Bot Map - the mod dayz is almost ready to start pre-alpha tests, we really want to start it in August, I already postponed the date 3 times, 1 time because of covid, 2 because of hacking, 3 times because of the war, but I really don’t know that in August, the moon will not fall on us or something like that ... πŸ˜„
b) The gunner mod, it is about 40% ready (well, you could see it on the video) the main features are the return to transport, the guner mode on any transport that is not even prepared, various functions for limiting distance or body position.
c) Helicopters - here we are finalizing the system dayz with a door for mi17 so that it works correctly, and we will also add an opening hatch, well, new models of helicopters.
d) Boats - since the door function on the helicopter works well, apart from a couple of bugs that we are already fixing, we will apply the technology to the boats so that we can fully use the keys and add a few interesting versions of the boats.

Ideally, these are plans for 2-3 months, but we are in no hurry, to do the main thing correctly and efficiently!

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