Full PayPal is back! without intermediaries! We suspected that

Full PayPal is back! without intermediaries!
We suspected that boosty was a temporary system dayz and resolved legal issues in order to fully use PayPal without intermediaries! about a week ago boosty stopped providing payments via paypal, how lucky that our account was almost ready!

But there are small changes:
1. Due to the fact that now Paypal really doesn’t want to give the opportunity to simply provide the service and requires a subscription, the button works according to this principle, the price for a subscription is 1 dollar for 1 year and “installation” service costs 138 dollars, which is provided one time, in the end the result is the same the amount is 139 and you can cancel your subscription for the next year, I don’t know why PayPal removed the one-time payment, but that’s how it is for now.
2. Since the system dayz is new, the system dayz is not automatic for the time being and after payment you need to wait for the administrator to check that everything is working correctly and allow the bot sibnic sibnic to send you an email, as soon as we make sure that the system dayz is working correctly everything will become automatic again.
3. It is not yet possible to reduce the price, since all tax deductions take approximately 40% of the amount, but perhaps in the future we will be able to change the type of taxation.

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