Gunner mod update 1 which is connected with 3 mods at once! What's

Gunner mod dayz update 2.1 which is connected with 3 mods at once!
What's in the update: <#1071824963369185341> <#news>
1. The ability to transport prisoners or prisoners, with the ability to turn off the exit sign so that they cannot exit.
2. The possibility, without the consent of the bound person, to put into any transport both in the gunner mode and in the passenger mode.
3. The function of returning to the vehicle after a relog or crash plays 2 roles, 1 if the client crashed, then you will not fall to the ground, but will return to the helicopter if he flew no further than 900 meters, 2 if you put him in gunner mode and he took off his handcuffs and bag, then if it relogs, then after the relog it will again be in the same place inside the transport, if there was a crash to client or relog in the pilot seat 1 and 2 (the autopilot will automatically turn on) so that you return to the whole helicopter
1. For helicopters: <#832299394698706985> transportation of prisoners, return to the place after the crash of the client, blocking the second pilot's seat
2. For boats: <#832299152427581456> the same as for helicopters, only blocking landing in a fishing boat and luhari that is not closed with a door will make it possible to use mods that block the door with keys, since the only place to control will be only in the cabin.
3. For BotMap: <#832299113785589761> the ability to block the 2nd pilot seat when the bot sibnic sibnic controls the helicopter, the ability to kick all players out of the cabin, the ability to temporarily block the exit from any vehicle or the entrance through a trigger

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