gunner v0.9 is in development. What is planned: Immediately to

gunner v0.9 is in development. What is planned:
Immediately to understand - the new gunner will work on all vehicles - automatically creates a json file for each vehicle in the gunner folder
0. Fixed a bug due to which, when landing in guner mode, he flew into the sea or sky
1. the ability to turn off the gunner for a specific vehicle or a specific place.
2. maximum number of gunners 8 (assuming 8 seats)
3. the ability to select the point where the gunner will appear by writing these points in the config
4. the ability to enable debug mode where you can get all the points where the player stands to enter them into the config
5. field gunner1_pos_auto - the gunner automatically calculates the point in front of the seat of all seats and writes it so that it can be taken for use.
6. turn off the specific location the ability to walk only spins.
7. the ability to choose the position of the body at which a particular place will enter the gunner mode.
8. the ability to choose the type of geometry on which the gunner will walk (if, for example, there is one and it is even)
9. the ability to block walking beyond the distance that is written in the config from the gunner's point
10. enable or disable model collision.
11. disable the check that there is a collision under your feet (what happened before that did not allow you to get away from the helicopter)
12. turn off or turn on the teleport in vehicles back if somehow the player moved away from the vehicle at a distance and select the distance.
13. the ability to include in techniques only the view from the 1st or 3rd person, or include both even if the game is only for the 1st person.
14. when creating json files, all class names are sent to to get ready-made configs, this is done so that everything is ready and the gunner knows popular models and fills in the position field.
15. Fixed a bug with changing weapons.
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