I want to explain a little why our Bot_Map mod is needed at

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I want to explain a little why our Bot_Map mod dayz is needed at all, since not everyone has an understanding of this mod:
The main thing you need to understand is the bot sibnic sibnic constructor, that is, ideally, the bot sibnic sibnic should not be able to do anything other than elementary reflexes, since the administrator must program it for a specific task and any "automatic functions" will only interfere.

For example: the bot sibnic sibnic can shoot and it needs to spawn 2 magazines, it inserts 1 into the weapon 2 in the inventory, when reloading the magazine automatically spawns ammo in an empty magazine - this was done on purpose - since there is no situation where the bot sibnic sibnic should run out of ammo, there is a situation when the admin configured so that the bot sibnic sibnic stopped shooting and, for example, began to attack in hand-to-hand combat.

That is, you understand that the reflex is to reload endlessly, and programmed from the administrator, it is to stop shooting under certain conditions and start, for example, fighting in hand-to-hand combat.
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