I was asked here to share information on plans more often, so I

I was asked here to share information on plans more often, so I will try to write about it more often ...
What do we do:
1. (bots) Finally, we have completed the json function for bots and now stability testing is underway, in a few days I will update the mod dayz on the test and on my server, and if there are no failures within 1-2 weeks, I will start to issue an alpha version.
2. (boats) I got several complaints that the boats stop sailing after restart, to find out the reason I add more logs.
3. (gunner) Now I'm finishing a system dayz where it will be possible to use this mod dayz on any type of transport, it will be very convenient for trucks and so on ...
4. (helicopter) We make a system dayz for returning to the player's seat if he flew from the server, that is, if the player flew out, he will go to the server Dayz and will not fly to the bottom but sit down on the helicopter if the helicopter is still not far away ...
What are we planning:
1. (bots) We want to finish the fight with the bots so that you can fully fight the bots, they put a block, jumped or parried the blow, we will also do so that the player can do that - the function so that the player can put a block will most likely be a separate mini-mod.
2. (boats) Bring back the ability to shoot and ride a boat at the same time - (the new gunner mod dayz will help this).
3. (helicopters). Finally release 2 new helicopters and return the flying stool (homemade helicopter)

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