Major update of the boat mod, what's in the update v.0.987: Added

Major update of the boat mod, what's in the update v.0.987:
1. Added ladders for fishing boat and luxury boat to climb the vaults and to the upper deck.
2. Added fishing boat and luxury boat doors with the "pseudo door" function; now, to get into the cabin where the inventory works, you need to open the door.
3. Added second helmsmen places for fishing and luxury.
4. Added a deck on the 2nd floor for luxury.
5. Added a helmsman's booth on the 1st floor at fishing.
6. Added the coef_damage_weapon command to the config to disable, reduce or increase damage from the player.
7. Increased detail of fishing boats.
8. The inflatable boat has been removed, it will be later a separate pbo file and modified.
9. Added c_camDistance camera parameter to config.
10. The camera center point is now at the back of the boat and slightly higher so as not to intersect with the stairs.
11. Added a ladder for a power boat. (3 ropes on the side of the boat)
12. Removed ActionEnterLadder, "but not marked as 'override'" and "'EntityAI.Cast' for safe down-casting" bug
13. Parkour returned on fishing and luxury boats.
14. Slightly changed the inventory size of boats, the maximum for luxury boat is 1000.
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