Preliminary information pre alpha - this is alpha only for those

Preliminary information
1. pre alpha - this is alpha only for those who have a test server Dayz and access to alpha
2. alpha - access to the alpha channel
3. beta - with a little less functionality but also have beta access
4. release - even less but free
but in any case, I plan to continue to see
approximately the functionality will be scattered like this
alpha - units, intellect, triggers, even (special functions)
betka - units, intellect.
release - units
what are units, intelligence and triggers can be seen on YouTube videos
and yes, if nothing changes, then inside the mod dayz there will be a workshop button in which there will be 2 chips
1. ready-made missions with bots for different types of alpha, beta, release - you can download and add to yourself and edit
2. Send of your missions to the workshop...
but this is still a sketch closer to the beta test there will be more information
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