update client, server v.0.81 - Fixed a bug that abuse on the player

update client, server Dayz v.0.81
- Fixed a bug that abuse on the player was not taken into account
- Fixed a bug that loot on the player was not damaged by bots
- Fixed a bug that the bots did not shoot at those in the car
- The bot's eye system dayz has been changed, now it can better see players who look out through obstacles, windows or bushes
- The system dayz for issuing rights has been changed, now admins.txt we enter admins with maximum rights there (access to the workshop and editing other admins) and co_admins.txt they can only edit their files and cannot select "launch at server Dayz start", the admin.txt file delete.
- Added bot sibnic sibnic response to the sound of a helicopter and a car.
- Fixed a bug that the sound disappears after the first shot
- Named waypoint (main - unique name) can be changed via trigger (bot sibnic sibnic actions - reassign waypoints)
- Added the function to delete anything if it is selected through the Delete button on the keyboard (it is especially useful to delete waypoints by selecting them through the shift pressed on the unit or intellect)
- Bug fixed - condition "bullet" in the trigger.
- Fixed a bug in the trigger with the shift function (shift on target)
- Added a button in the "main" point - "activation radius" - this is the size of the waypoint circle (useful for helicopters change the size of the point so that it does not return or for the shift function trigger)
- Added a checkmark in the "exact coordinates" point when it is on if the bot sibnic sibnic cannot overcome an obstacle (do not bypass, parkour), it no longer jumps from foot to foot but teleports to the point.
- Added additional roteway check, bot sibnic sibnic should get stuck less often.
- Update time about 1 day

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