update client, server v.0.872 - pdate within 3 hours - fixing

update client, server Dayz v.0.872 - pdate within 3 hours
- fixing OnClick error on the client
- boats/verts/cars without an author will not be displayed when deleted
- a candidate version has been added, just like the alpha, 1 test for 5 people and 1 public.
- added the ability to use the candidate version with the alpha version client
- added selection of bot sibnic sibnic firing speed.
- improved sound sets
- fixed a bug that saves from the workshop did not end up in the general profile directory and not in the mod dayz folder.
- added to sets it is possible to change the number of stacks.
- slightly reduced font size in several menus.
- the bug of the bot sibnic sibnic jerking when he moves from one point to another has been fixed again
- 2 new changes added to mark
- - you can add the number of stacks to the condition, that is, ammo_9x39|10 means that the player must have 10 cartridges, waterbottle|350 - means that at least 50% of the bottle must contain water
- - added the ability to give out a reward through a set, that is, we write the name of the set, if you need to give out a lot of loot, then select a container in the sets and then you will receive not loot, but a box that cannot be lifted, but you can take loot.

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