v.0.78 Added to the unit - additionally - a random point - so that

1. Added to the unit - additionally - a random point - so that the bot sibnic sibnic does not shoot at the head, but at 1 of the points on the player, arms, legs, head, torso.
2. Added to the trigger - condition - check the number, players, zombies, animals or players inside the trigger.
a) the functionality for example 0 players gives the activation of the trigger immediately upon spawn.
3. Added to the trigger - main - launch delay - after spawning after the delay time expires, only then the trigger starts to catch the conditions.
4. By default, the trigger type is ellipse, since other options like a rectangle are not used yet, since the trigger works by distance.
5. Fixed trigger - other actions - spawn container - in trigger coordinate - takes into account the trigger directory.
6. Added to trigger - other actions - spawn object - you can spawn buildings.
7. Fixed in trigger - symptom didn't work.
8. Added support for Chinese
9. A new type of sets has been added - voice sets, while only a few work, but the functionality is needed for the admin to choose what sound or what speech the bot sibnic sibnic will play in a certain situation, from throwing a grenade to losing the target.
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