"Version" - version "Action" - enable the mod "Debug" - turn on the

"Version" - version
"Action" - enable the mod
"Debug" - turn on the log with the position of the gunner

"Gunner1_Type" - enable guner place (0 disable, 1 enable)
"Gunner1_Collision" - system dayz for checking collision from bahemia (disable 0, enable 1)
"Gunner1_Intersect" - geometry that is checked in collision Fire(0),View(1),Geom(2),IFire(3),None(4)
"Gunner1_ScriptCollision" - collision check system dayz based on 4 points around the player's circle (disable 0, enable 1)
"Gunner1_Camera" - camera mode in helicopter (0 is standard),(1 only from 1st person),(2 both from first and from 3rd),(3 only from 3rd)
"Gunner1_Distance" - invisible wall is calculated from the distance to enter gunner mode (disabled for now)
"Gunner1_Stance" - body position in guner mode (0 standing) (1 sitting) (2 lying down)
"Gunner1_Move" - enable movement blocking (disable 0, enable 1)
"Gunner1_Dir" - directory of body position at the moment of entering gunner mode
"Gunner1_Pos" - spawn point in gunner mode
"Gunner1_PosAuto" - automatic point generation, example with coordinates in front of the seat.
*also ideas 9 more repetitions only the number in the name changes
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