update client, server v.0.866 - The “function call” function in

update client, server Dayz v.0.866
- The “function call” function in dialogs has been fixed, now it works as it should and you can call anything through it.
- Fixed a text bug in the download section when changing languages.
- Added a new version of shooting with ballistics after update 1.22
- Completed the function of shooting at coordinates for bots, in point and trigger
- Added choice of using new or old shooting in a unit.
- Fixed bugs with localization.
- Added to the trigger execution of a chat message using a partial phrase or an exact one.
- Fixed a bug that when performing a mark, the mark was deleted.
- Fixed a bug with the issuance of rewards.
- Fixed a bug when backing up json, 2 folders were created instead of 1.
- The update system dayz has been improved; if for some reason the json has not changed to match the new version, the file does not change the version.
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