Botmap memo eng

Botmap memo eng for Dayz

Deleting objects
Call function

The information is duplicated on the website for logging in via browser

Instructions Dayz on how to create a dynamic patrol
Instructions Dayz on how to make dialogues
Instructions Dayz for the functions of points, loot, animations, sounds,...
Instructions Dayz for Trader's instructions.
Instructions Dayz for Trigger, spawn and deletion events
Instructions Dayz trigger : timers and coordinate shifts
Instructions Dayz for trigger chains (high complexity)

- //////////////////// UNIT /////////////////////
> @Basic:
- - Author - a parameter that shows the creator and can be changed to anything - associated with the folder name in the BotMap_Unit server Dayz profiles
- - Name - has 2 fields, text and number, the number is needed to automatically change the number to + 1 when copying a unit, thereby creating more units with the same parameters but a different name - you cannot spawn 2 units with 1 name.
- - Coordinates - change if you move it on the map, if you press “set my pos” your character’s coordinates will be entered.
- - The direction where the unit is looking - can be changed by rounding from the right.
- - Gender and Unit - select a skin.
- - Enemy factions - those who will be considered enemies by the unit
- - Group / marks - required field, if you enter a teammate this player will become the head, if the bots are in group 1 they follow the main one, the one who was created first.
- - Group of enemies / mark - if you select a specific group or mark whom the bot will attack
- - Friendly groups / marks - overlaps both enemy factions and enemy groups and even targets, the bot does not consider them a target
- - ❗️Ignore duplicates - enabled function allows you to spawn several units with the same ID
- - Will the bot spawn when the server Dayz starts. this parameter is not required if the bot will be spawned via a point or trigger.

will, unit, group, bot, name, enemy, spawn, units, number, factions, same, coordinates, enemies, mark, groups
- Target selection - who the bot will consider the target
- - “enemy” - will shoot if the bot has a target through the trigger or if the bot is attacked,
- - “all” - essentially an analogue of the faction function but with all the checkboxes and ignores groups
- - “enemy Frances” - everyone who is only an enemy faction is considered a friend,
- - “no” - pacifist.
- - “enemy” - the one who caused damage to him or those from his group or caused damage or became a target through a trigger, etc., as well as who is in the enemy faction or group
- Type of behavior
- - “attack” - if a target appears, it will approach and attack.
- - “pursuit” - will pursue but not attack, melishnik 2 meters - shooter - 6 meters.
- - “run away” - if there is a target, it will run as far as possible until it loses sight.
- - “keep working” - ignoring goals.
- - “retreat” - will retreat but will attack.
- - ❗️"bypass" - the bot will look for cover within the range of the pursuit parameter and attack

will, target, attack, enemy, bot, who, faction, group, caused, behavior, run, retreat, meters, pursuit, damage
- Class
- Melishnik - attacks with melee weapons.
- Shooter - with a firearm.
- Follow the leader - if there is more than 1 character in the group - they will stay in place and follow the leader.
- Action with weapons - always in hands or pick up when there are targets or not pick up at all.
- Waypoint Type:
- - “loop” - will go in a circle from 1 to the last point and again 1. (minimum 2 points required)
- - “in front to back” - there will be 1 point 2 and 3, etc., and then 3 point 2 and 1... (at least 2 points are required)
- - “get to the end” - when it gets to the end it will stop if there is no intelligence. (minimum 1 point required)
- "change intelligence after" - changes intelligence after a specified time.
- “intelligence” - enter the name of the intellect.
- "type of stance" while waiting for a point

- Dialogue ability - enables calling F to dialogue with the bot next to it
- Hide dialogue - hides the F button of a unit next to the player
- Dialog - name of the dialogue from the dialogs section
- Bot name - the name of the bot that will be shown in the dialogue.
- Possibility of trading - binds the bot to a box in which he will put and take loot when trading
- ❗️Container ID - ID from the containers section, if the field is empty, the bot puts and takes loot from its backpack.
- Set - loot that will spawn when a bot spawns or when changing intelligence with the set function enabled, if you specify several sets through the sign ; a random set will be selected from the list
- Voice Frequency - not yet enabled
-Voice set - prepared phrases from the voice sets section that the unit will pronounce

bot, will, dialogue, set, when, section, loot, name, voice, unit, enabled, trading, sets, function, pack
- Disable bleeding - disables the unit from bleeding from any damage.
- Disable damage from - disables damage from a specific object type
- Disable damage to - disables damage to a specific part of the body
- Damage on death - when a unit dies in the selected slot and everything inside the slot receives 100% damage

damage, disables, disable, specific, unit, bleeding, slot, selected, dies, receives, when, everything, type, object, any
- @Advanced
- - Accuracy coefficient - (old shooting) determines how large the spread in meters will be for the shot
- - Visibility range - distance in meters at which the bot will see targets
- - Chance of miss - percentage of damage dealt if the bot hits the target where 100 is always a miss. (old shooting)
- - Random points - where the bot will shoot: arms, legs, head, torso, if disabled, always shoot at the torso (old shooting)
- - Remove damage to vehicles - if enabled, the bot does not notice the vehicle it is glued to or does not notice the vehicle the player is sitting in and the damage is dealt directly to the character. (old shooting)
- - Pursuit distance is a universal function that is used in pursuit mode, retreat mode, and walking in a group mode.
- - Flight altitude - helicopter if the bot is a pilot and points are not specified
- - The enemy is very close - what will the bot do in such cases
- - New shooting - if set to "no" then they will work (Accuracy coefficient, Miss chance, Random points, Remove damage to vehicles), new shooting uses weapon ballistics, so it is impossible to accurately determine the location of the hit due to a bunch of factors
- - disable simulation - further from 1200 meters from the players the bot freezes and does not load the server Dayz (fps drops to 10-20 per bot)

bot, shooting, will, not, old, damage, mode, does, miss, points, meters, remove, shoot, rom, always
- - rate of fire - speed of shots (new shooting)
- - Not an enemy - will animals or zombies attack the bot?
- - Damage coefficient - you can increase or decrease damage (old shooting) from 0.0001 to 10000
- - ❗️Parkour speed - how many seconds after the bot hits an object it will try to climb over it or teleport (if you set it to less than 1 second, false positives are possible)
- - ❗️Maneuver - at sprint speed the bot begins to deviate in different directions to make it more difficult to hit.
- - Debug - turns on the visibility of mesh path points through burning flares
- - ❗️Night coefficient - by how much the distance in target priorities is multiplied at night
- - ❗️Look around - the bot begins to look around in different directions (since the bot does not see if someone is not in its field of view)
- - ❗️Looking frequency - how long in seconds he will be looking around.
- - Max. distance from points - not working yet

❗️, bot, not, speed, how, will, points, begins, directions, seconds, distance, night, different, coefficient, look
- - ❗️QE active - if the bot has the right opportunity, it peeks around the corner to shoot
- - ❗️Update Targer - bot response time to target appearance (can be used to make the bot more sluggish)
- - Damage Reduction - not used yet

bot, used, ❗️, make, appearance, can, more, sluggish, yet, not, reduction, damage, target, response, opportunity

- ❗️@Other - Target priority (the first parameter on the left is distance, on the right these are points) the target that receives more points becomes priority
- - Copy - copies the priority of targets to the buffer, for copying to another unit
- - Paste - pastes priority targets from the buffer
- - Default - the priority of targets is set to standard parameters (those that have been tested and selected as optimal)
- - - Distance - the closer, the more points, where 0 distance to the bot is 100% of points
- - - Sound of footsteps - player, jump, player falling
- - - Sound of gunshot -
- - - Sound of shot silencer -
- - - Reload sound - player
- - - Sound of transport - fact of engine operation
- - - Voice sound - sound from the player’s voice chat
- - - Firearms in hands -
- - - Melee weapon in hands - any piercing or cutting weapon
- - - Combat stance - when aiming or swinging
- - - Closing - the enemy target decreases the distance
- - - He looks at me - the enemy target is looking towards the bot
- - - Often hides - sometimes in plain sight, sometimes out of sight
- - - See in transport - sees the target in transport
- - - Sees zombies - sees zombies
- - - See an animal - sees an animal

sound, priority, target, points, sees, distance, targets, transport, player, buffer, weapon, bot, voice, enemy, zombies
sound, priority, target, points, sees, distance, targets, transport, player, buffer, weapon, bot, voice, enemy, zombies



- ////////////////////DIALOG /////////////////////
- - Add - adds a dialogue.
- - Delete - deletes the dialog.
- - Edit- edits the dialogue.
- - Save - saves the dialogue to the server.
- - Close - closes the dialog menu.

dialog, dialogue, save, menu, server, edits, close, deletes, add, adds, delete, edit
- Create - Edit - dialog:
- - Author - The one on whose perch the dialogue will be
- - Title - The name of the dialogue in English that will need to be entered into the unit.
- - Player Text - Player text that will appear with type 2
- - Bot Text - which will appear later in the bot's greeting.
- - Dialog Type - 1 and 2 types (1 ala witcher, 2 ala persona)
- -❗️Movement with dialogue - makes it possible to move during open dialogue.
- - Spawn when server Dayz starts - required value to see this dialog.

will, dialogue, dialog, text, type, appear, player, ala, the, sona, ❗️, move, makes, possible, movement
- Dialog - Structure:
- - Add - adds under the dialog
- - Add to - adds under under dialogue
- - Delete - deletes under the dialog
- - Edit - edits for dialogue
- - Close - closes the menu without saving.

dialog, dialogue, adds, add, close, menu, saving, edits, delete, structure, deletes, edit
- Create - edit for dialogue - Basic:
- - Name - just the name is displayed in the list
- - Player Text - what the player chooses
- - Bot Text - what is shown in type 2 bot response.

bot, what, player, text, name, response, type, chooses, shown, list, dialogue, edit, basic, just, displayed
- Create - edit for dialogue - Condition:
- - marks- name of the marks from the marks section
- - There is a mark - if the player has a task, it is shown under the dialogue.
- - The conditions of the mark are met - if the mark for loot and loot is in the inventory or hands.
- - Always display - whether this one is displayed or not with the label condition
- - Number - label value range (if you set -1, the label will decrease)
- - ❗️Text - see information in creating a marks
- - Condition fulfilled hide - that is, if there is a mark and the dialog needs to be hidden.

mark, marks, condition, label, loot, dialogue, decrease, will, set, number, not, ❗️, value, range, inmation
- Create - edit for dialogue - Action 1:
- - Change intelligence - changes the intelligence of the bot
- - Change dialogue - changes the bot's dialogue
- - Assign a player as a leader - the bot is given the player’s group (the player’s group is his steam ID) and the bot walks around and protects the player.
- - Assign target as target - the bot begins to consider the player as a target
- - Leave group - the bot leaves the player’s group and returns to its own
- - Open trade menu - shows the trade menu - not implemented.
- - Trading window type - select the menu type from the basic ones.
- - Unique menu - specify the full path to your menu and it is used.
- - Trader - indicate the name of the trade price from the trader section
- - Mark - searches for a player's mark
- - Give a tag - gives a tag to the player using the “tag” field
- - Give reward - gives a reward to the player for a mark in the "tag" field
- - Reset tag - deletes the player’s tag in the “tag” field
- - Number - number for the label (if the label already exists, then adds this number; it only works with issuing a label)
- - ❗️Text - see information in creating a marks
- - Call function - executes enfusion scripts - there is an additional description
- - Spawn trigger - spawns the trigger
- - In unit coordinate - spawns the trigger in the coordinate of the one with whom the dialogue is open (parent)
- - Delete trigger - deletes a trigger

tag, trigger, player, bot, menu, player’s, group, dialogue, number, label, trade, field, mark, target, type
tag, trigger, player, bot, menu, player’s, group, dialogue, number, label, trade, field, mark, target, type
- Create - edit for dialogue - Action 2:
- - Open dialog - opens another dialog, convenient if there are a lot of dialogs and thus there can be an infinite number of dialogs
- - Back - returns to the same selection that was pressed
- - Back back - returns 1 step back.
- - Start - returns to the beginning
- - Close dialog - closes the dialog.

dialog, returns, dialogs, back, same, number, selection, pressed, beginning, close, start, step, infinite, was, thus

- ❗️//////////////////// AI Menu /////////////////////
- - Take control - select a bot and press the button and move into this bot (all functions of the bot fall asleep at this time)
- - Refresh - updating the list of bots
- - Free camera - turns on the 3D map mode where you can see units, points, triggers, etc. visually in 3D (return to 2D mode using the “i” button and turn on 3D again
- - - if in 2D you copy the point to “ctrl + C” and in 3D you can paste it “ctrl + V” on the cross in the center of the screen
- - - creating a unit, trigger point, etc. works the same way - everything that the admin sees in 3D mode is not visible to the player (this is a local creation)
- - - the spacebar teleports the admin’s body to the coordinate of the cross
- - Will return to their body

bot, mode, this, can, return, point, body, cross, ctrl, etc, ton, trigger, works, way, unit
bot, mode, this, can, return, point, body, cross, ctrl, etc, ton, trigger, works, way, unit


- //////////////////// POINTS /////////////////////
> @Basic
- Coordinates
- - Speed - the speed with which it will move to the next point.
- - - Auto - the bot chooses itself.
- - - Sprint - very fast running
- - - Running - jogging
- - - Walking
- - Stance - body position of the bot
- - Lying down
- - Sitting - squatting
- - Standing
- Will stay in place for - how long the bot will wait at the point (from 0.01 to 1,000,000)
- Unique name - name for changing a specific point through a trigger
- Look around - the bot can’t see with his back, so he needs to see the target with his eyes in order to react
- Trigger radius - the distance at which the point will work
- Take unit coordinates - if you need the point to be completed but the bot does not change its coordinates

bot, point, will, coordinates, name, see, trigger, his, running, speed, which, needs, target, eyes, can’t
- Copy - all path settings can be copied to the clipboard.
- Paste - paste copied paths into the buffer at any point.
- Default - set standard values. - if all the checkboxes are unchecked, the standard value is turned on.
- Types of mesh paths - these parameters correspond to what types of surface the bot will build paths between point points.
- - NONE - do not generate paths at all.
- - Walk - total surface
- - Disabled polygon - Disabled polygon
- - move through doors - go through the doors
- - move inside buildings - move inside buildings
- - swim (water) - swim (water)
- - swim (sea water) - swim (sea water)
- - climb on ladders - climb stairs (bots can’t do this yet)
- - do jumps overs - jump over objects
- - jump down - jump
- - climb up - pull yourself up
- - crawl crawl
- - crouch squat

swim, paths, water, move, climb, jump, all, surface, buildings, sea, stard, unreachable, doors, copied, disabled
- Priorities of mesh paths - these parameters from 1 to 100 are used for the priority of surfaces, the lower the number, the more priority the path will be, for example, if water has a number of 1 and asphalt has a number of 2, then the bot is more likely to swim to the desired one places.
- - NONE - do not generate paths at all.
- - TERRAIN Any surface on which you can build a path
- - ROADWAY- Road
- - TREE - Forest with trees
- - ROADWAY_BUILDING-Asphalt, concrete
- - DOOR_OPENED - Open door
- - DOOR_CLOSED - Closed door
- - LADDER - LADDER Vertical
- - CRAWL - narrow places where you need to crawl.
- - CROUCH - narrow places where you need to crouch.
- - JUMP-Places where you need to jump (parkour)

water, places, number, need, objects, has, sea, asphalt, ladder, door, narrow, crawl, paths, priority, building

- Create a waypoint for a unit Action:
- - Radius - search radius.
- - Delay - time after how long to complete - should be less than “Will stay in place for”
- - Action - what to do with the item
- - - No
- - - take
- - - put
- - From - where to look for the item
- - - from the ground
- - - from container
- - - from a dead body
- - - from inventory
- - Where - where to put the item
- - - Hands
- - - Inventory
- - Container - container class
- - Item - item class
- - Get into transport - gets into any transport, specify the class name (you can only control a Sib helicopter)
- - Seat in transport - from 0 (0 is the driver)
- - Exit the vehicle.
- - Interact with a helicopter - if the bot is in the pilot’s seat, it can control the helicopter.
- - Action in a helicopter - write the class of the helicopter.
- - Height - the approximate height at which the helicopter will be located (it may vary depending on the flight speed)
- - Speed - the speed at which the helicopter will fly (but it is worth considering that before sharp turns the bot will reduce its speed to fit into the turn, and sometimes it is necessary to increase the size of the point trigger so that the bot does not miss the point and has to return) ( the speed is also multiplied by 2, so if you need 50 km/h, write 25)
- - Shoot at coordinates - the bot shoots at the specified coordinates
- - Number of shots

helicopter, item, speed, will, bot, class, transport, container, action, coordinates, which, can, put, seat, inventory
helicopter, item, speed, will, bot, class, transport, container, action, coordinates, which, can, put, seat, inventory
- - Attach - makes it possible to glue a bot to an object or an object to a bot - the number of gluings is not limited.
- - Object names - separated by commas, class names
- - Type
- - - To an object - sticks the bot to an object, for example to a helicopter to simulate gunner mode.
- - - To the player - sticks some object to the bot, for example, stick a shark to an invisible bot - and make it swim - it will seem like a shark is swimming.
- - Bone - receives the coordinates of any select inside the 3D model or bot or object and is glued to this point.
- - Coordinates - coordinates relative to the center of the object or bot where the starting number is 0 0 0
- - Direction - sets the degree of gluing (may not work correctly)
- - Unpin - unsticks an object or bot from an object
- - Objects - which object to apply to -
- -Object animation
- - Objects teleport to
- - Spawn trigger - name of the trigger that needs to be spawned.
- - At the point coordinate - change the trigger coordinate to the one indicated at the point (if the bot coordinate is specified, it will be the bot coordinate)
- - Delete trigger - deletes a trigger by name
- - Spawn bots - spawns bots with names
- - At the waypoint coordinate - spawns at the point coordinate
- - Delete Bots - removes bots by name from the map
- - ❗️Spawn Object - spawns any object in the center of the point (to make the bot farther from the center, set the point size larger
- - Call function - works with enfusion code (there is a detailed description separately)

object, bot, coordinate, point, trigger, bots, spawns, coordinates, names, spawn, center, name, make, will, delete
object, bot, coordinate, point, trigger, bots, spawns, coordinates, names, spawn, center, name, make, will, delete
- Creating a waypoint for an Animation unit:
- - Name - is set after selection, to remove it click on the red cross on the right.
- - Delay - after what time to start performing
- - Looped - need to be repeated - does not work on all animations
- - Type - choose the one that works (checking which one is suitable for a specific animation is not possible programmatically)
- - Search - searches by match, case insensitive

one, animation, not, choose, works, type, all, work, checking, animations, suitable, searches, match, insensitive, search
- Creating a waypoint for the Sound unit:
- - Play sound - 1 or several files are selected - (if there are several, then they are played randomly from the list of selected ones)
- - Delay - time before launch.
- - Duration - execution time.
- - Looped - repeat
- - Voice - volume
- - Voice frequency - playback speed (lower is lower, higher is higher)
- - Up Y - height of the sound point

are, sound, time, lower, voice, higher, selected, several, play, point, looped, repeat, height, frequency, execution
- Create a waypoint for a unit Effects:
- - Search - name of the effect to search for
- - Name - selected by clicking on “found effects”
- - Delay - time before execution.
- - Duration

name, search, effects, delay, time, duration, execution, found, effect, waypoint, unit, create, selected, clicking
- Create waypoint for unit Customization effects:
- - Cone angle
- - Limit Offset
- - Random Angle
- - Random Rot
- - Sort
- Wind
- - Repeat
- LifeTime By Anim
- - Anim Once
- - Rand Frame
- Life Time
- LifeTime R&D
- Effect Time
- - Current Time
- Active Particles
- - Avelocity
- Velocity
- Velocity RRD
- Air Resistance
- - Air Resistance RRD
- - Size
- Stretch
- - Birth Rate
- - Birth Rate Rnd
- Gravity Scale
- Gravity Scale Rnd
- - Spring
- - Up

time, anim, rom, resistance, air, rrd, velocity, birth, gravity, scale, rnd, rate, angle, lifetime, avelocity







- ///////////////////// Trigger /////////////////////
- - Author.
- - Name.
- - Coordinates.
- - Form type.
- - X axis
- - Z axis
- - Y axis
- - Trigger height - the height of the form along the Y axis - that is, the height at which if something appears above the Y coordinates and the condition matches, it is triggered
- - Type - Static is set and can change position only if it is spawned inside another trigger or point, dynamic is tied to the coordinates of the bot whose name is written
- - Bot name
- - Height offset - by default the bot coordinate is the coordinate at the level of the feet.

height, axis, bot, trigger, coordinates, name, coordinate, set, type, form, tied, dynamic, point, whose, written
- - Activation time - creates a delay in execution after the condition has triggered.
- - Activation after N activations - does not perform trigger actions until there is the required number of activations by condition
- - Repeat on the same object - if the conditions are set to search for an object, quantity or other conditions that do not require changes, then the trigger will be executed endlessly after each period of time set here.
- - Delay before launch - how long after the trigger starts working after spawning.
- - Auto delete trigger after - how long after trigger to delete after spawning.
- - Coordinates are shifted along the target - the center of the trigger is shifted to the coordinate of the target for which the condition was triggered
- - The center coordinates of the trigger are shifted randomly when the condition is met, without changing the location of the trigger
- - Server time - time on your hosting.
- - Spawn time - at what time according to your hosting time the trigger should be spawned
- - Spawn day - according to your hosting, when to spawn
- - ❗️Execution frequency - how often the trigger will be executed after being triggered, regardless of the same trigger or another
- - Spawn when server Dayz starts.

trigger, time, condition, spawn, shifted, are, hosting, when, how, triggered, will, delete, coordinates, executed, spawning
trigger, time, condition, spawn, shifted, are, hosting, when, how, triggered, will, delete, coordinates, executed, spawning
- @ Create trigger - Condition:
- - Activated on ... - who the trigger will work on in the blocks below, take into account the letter in brackets
- - - A- animal
- - - Z - zombie
- - - P - Player
- - - B - Bot
- - Entered - Entered the trigger area
- - Combat stance - stood in a combat stance of striking or aiming
- - Threw away an item - used a throw on an item - connected to the items field
- - Moved - the distance to the center of the trigger has changed
- - Tracking Animation - the animation of objects is also checked and performed when the conditions match.
- - Exited - exited the trigger area
- - Taken damage -
- - Took Item - picked up an item from the ground
- - Item in inventory - whether the item is in inventory is checked in the items field
- - Objects inside - checks the number of objects inside the trigger (works on A, Z, P, B and objects)
- - Fired - fired from the weapon.
- - Activated waypoint - the bot stepped on a waypoint with a name in the "unique waypoint name" field
- - Removed the item - put the item on the ground.
- - Bullet - the bullet hit the trigger area - the target is the one who fired
- - Target - if the bot has a goal, a trigger is triggered on it.
- - Died -
- - Hand slot updated - if something new appears in your hands or is missing.
- - No conditions - the trigger will simply be executed without a target or transfer.
- - Killed - and the choice of whom.
- - Damaged -and choice of whom.
- - Corpse - and the choice of whom.
- - Number of objects - the number of living things inside the trigger, at 0 it fires immediately upon spawn and is repeated according to the condition “Repeated execution in the trigger”

trigger, item, objects, choice, area, whom, target, waypoint, fired, number, bot, field, will, name, items
- - Items - list of items for which the trigger is triggered by condition (thrown away, picked up, in inventory, removed, updated hand slot)
- - Item Animation - animation of the item animation name and position
- - Objects - the name of the object on which the trigger will fire (a class is needed)
- - Object animation (if the object has the required animation and its position)
- - Unique waypoint name - for the "Activated waypoint" field
- - Active tags - the name of the quest that the player has
- - Number - the number of active tags is equal to or greater
- - ❗️Text - see information in creating a marks
- - Active slots - active slots, for example, there is something in your hands, or there is a bandage, or there is something on your head.

animation, name, active, object, position, something, slots, items, tags, item, waypoint, number, has, which, trigger
- - Message - the condition is met if the phrase matches this field (if you write % in the chat before the message, the message will not be visible to other players)
- - Exact match - if the phrase matches exactly.
- - Inversion of Perent and Target - the transfer and target change places (the target is the one for whom the trigger is triggered)
- - Inherit Target - if this trigger was created through another trigger, dialogue or point, then inheritance goes from there, if from a trigger (then the target from the previous trigger is inherited) if from a dialogue (then the one from dialogue is open) if from a point (then the bot’s goal is inherited)
- - Inherit a target - as with inheriting a target, only the target must be present, in dialogues it is a bot, in a trigger it is the previous target.
- - Target match - this function allows you to create several conditions by sequentially spawning triggers with each other (you get a chain in the form of conditions where the target can only be the one who was in 1 trigger)
- - Target class - a condition where you can write a target class (for example, an animal class), then the target will only work for this animal class.
- - No - reverse target class - everything will be except this class.
- - Prent class - in cases where there is a transfer, its class is checked.
- - No - reverse transfer class - there will be everything except this class.
- - Key pressed - if the player presses the key on the keyboard that you have selected, the trigger for it will work.

target, class, trigger, this, will, only, transfer, dialogue, message, one, phrase, matches, inherit, animal, point
- Create trigger - Target action:
- - Damage - cause damage
- - Change intelligence - change intelligence to a bot
- - Change dialogue - change the dialogue to the bot
- - Symptom - transfer a symptom from the list to the target
- - Kill
- - Delete - deletes any target as an object
- - TTeleport to + shift - teleports to a coordinate, if the shift checkbox is checked in the basic menu, then taking into account the shift
- - Spawn into inventory - loot.
- - Invulnerable - turns on the invulnerability of the target until it re-logs in or is turned off through the target.
- - Combat stance - disables the ability to stand in a combat stance and aim until it is reset or turned off via a trigger
- - Rebirth - creates exactly the same target, if a bot, animal or zombie has an ID, then spawns taking into account the ID, if it’s just a class, then spawns simply by class
- - At the trigger coordinate - spawns in the center of the trigger + if there is a shift mode, then maybe at the target location, maybe at a random trigger point
- - Not an enemy to animals - predators stop attacking the target
- - Not an enemy of zombies - zombies stop attacking the target
- - ❗️Lock slot - lock the slot inside the taret so that loot cannot be removed from the slot

target, trigger, change, shift, spawns, slot, bot, stance, turned, taking, coordinate, loot, enemy, zombies, lock
target, trigger, change, shift, spawns, slot, bot, stance, turned, taking, coordinate, loot, enemy, zombies, lock
- Create trigger - Bot action:
- - Bot name - separated by commas
- - Damage
- - Change intelligence
- - Change dialogue
- - Symptom
- - Kill
- - Delete bot
- - Skip waypoint - if the bot follows waypoints it will skip 1 if the condition is true
- - Assign a target as a target - based on the condition to whom the trigger reacts, it becomes a target for all bots who are in the bot name list
- - Reset assigned targets - resets the list of targets
- - Assign a target as a goal - to everyone who is in the trigger - all bots who are in the triggers receive the goal of the one who fulfilled the conditions of the trigger
- - Shoot at the coordinates - of the trigger center or at the center offset
- - Number of shots
- - ❗️Point in the center of the trigger - in this way you can change the coordinates of the personalized waypoint

trigger, bot, who, target, change, center, bots, condition, assign, list, coordinates, goal, targets, waypoint, are
- Create trigger - Other actions:
- - Create units - creates bots from the list
- - At trigger coordinate
- - Spawn container - you need the class name or the name from the containers column
- - At trigger coordinate
- - Delete container - you need the class name inside the trigger
- - Spawn object - spawns any object (if it’s animals or zombies, it turns on the simulation for them)
- - At trigger coordinate
- - Coordinates
- - Object animation
- - Delete object

trigger, object, coordinate, name, class, create, delete, container, need, spawn, animation, animals, it’s, zombies, turns
- - Spawn trigger - name of the trigger or triggers separated by commas, if separated by ; then 1 from the list will spawn
- - At trigger coordinate
- - Spawn at server Dayz start - after a trigger spawns with this parameter, it will spawn after the server Dayz restart.
- - Delete trigger - if the field is empty the trigger will delete itself after execution
- - Objects - class names
- - Object Animation - changes the animation of the desired object
- - Object teleport to
- - Items teleport to - items from the conditions.
- - Play sound - if the sound is greater than 1, a random one from the list is performed
- - Get label(mark) - marks name.

trigger, spawn, object, will, dayz, animation, items, server, teleport, list, name, separated, delete, sound, desired
- - Number - marks (if you put -1 the mark will decrease)
- - ❗️Text - see information in creating a marks
- - Remove mark
- - Spawn at server Dayz startup - after the trigger is executed, this data is saved, that is, if the trigger spawned not the server Dayz startup, but another trigger or point with saving enabled, after execution it will spawn when the server Dayz starts
- - Send message - chat
- - Call functions - described in a separate instruction below, you can call Enfusion script code

server, dayz, trigger, spawn, startup, will, marks, mark, call, send, execution, when, starts, message, chat
- - Intelligence - works with the “event” checkbox, does not require the unit to spawn, the invisible unit will spawn automatically, and after completing intelligence points it will be deleted.
- -Open dialog opens a dialog between 2 objects, target and pendent
- - Bot name - assigns the bot as a target for dialogue.
- - Prent - takes the pent from the trigger for dialogue - another player can be the pent
- - Spawn from file - point to the json and dze files from the dayz editor mod dayz which are located in the server Dayz folder (if the files are in the botmap folder, then the path will be $profile:/BotMap_sib/1.dze

spawn, dayz, will, target, bot, intelligence, pent, folder, are, files, dialog, dialogue, unit, does, editor

Checkboxes in the trigger that do not load the server
at all since they are tracked on the client side, you can set at least 1000 at least for 10,000 meters, the load will be only when the trigger fires only at the moment of operation:
- Player:
- - Went
- - came out
- - active slot
- - item in inventory
- - item animation
- moved out of place
- - label

- Events are executed only when an event happens, they also do not load the server Dayz until an event occurs at least 1000 at least 10,000 meters, the load will only fire the event to execute the trigger
- - killed
- - died
- - took damage

- ////////////////////// Mark ////////////////////////////
- - Add
- - Delete
- - Edit
- - Save - if the file is not saved, the file will not work
- - Close.

- Create and edit a marks
- - Author
- - Title - title in English
- - Label type
- - - Bring an item - the mark will be executed when the player has the desired item in his hands or inventory and selects to carry out the mark in the dialogue.
- - - Simple mark - if the dialog or trigger selects to execute or delete the mark.
- - Bring an item - the name of the item class or separated by commas
- - Reward - item class name or separated by commas
- - ❗️ Reward set - name of the set for the reward
- - ❗️ Number - the starting digit in the label
- - ❗️Text - text for the mark, the mark can take parameters (time, target, target_class, target_hands, target_uid, slot=slot name, target_hands_class, parent, parent_class, parent_uid, parent_hands, mark1=mark name, mark2=mark name)
- - ❗️ Lifetime - the lifetime of the tag after receiving
- - Spawn when starting the server Dayz - a required parameter if you need to enable the label, even without a restart.

mark, name, item, ❗️, reward, label, commas, separated, class, lifetime, set, text, starting, title, selects




- ///////////////////// SET /////////////////////
- - Add
- - Delete
- - Edit - if you click edit set, change the name and save, then the old set can be loaded from downloads as a result, this is a way to copy the set
- - Save
- - Close

- Creating and editing a set:
- - Name - associated with the set field in a unit, container, vehicle.
- - Search - searches by class name or description
- - Found items - the add button adds if the bot has space in the inventory, the "C" button copies the class name to the buffer.
- - Equipped items - take into account the order for weapons, the weapon itself will spawn first, then its attachments
- - Author
- - Type
- - - Unit - loot will spawn on the unit upon spawn.
- - - Container - in a container.
- - - Car - spawns in inventory
- - - Boat - spawns in inventory
- - - Helicopter - spawns in inventory
- - M-F aka class - to determine capacity and appearance.
- - ❗️The number next to the letter C means the quantity in ml and pcs

inventory, container, spawn, unit, class, spawns, name, will, ton, items, set, type, loot, car, author

- ///////////////////// Voice Sets /////////////////////
❗️what is marked (off) does not work yet
- - Death
- - Hit
- - Hit Friend
- - Anxiety
- - Bypass
- - Covering fire
- - Reload
- - Grenade alarm (off)
- - Alarm friendly grenade
- - Panic Human
- - Panic Monster
- - An ally was killed
- - Kill the wounded
- - The enemy is seriously wounded
- - Enemy killed
- - Attack without allies
- - Attack one enemy with allies
- - Attack multiple enemies together
- - Search without allies

enemy, allies, attack, wounded, grenade, panic, alarm, killed, hit, enemies, toger, ally, search, was, multiple
enemy, allies, attack, wounded, grenade, panic, alarm, killed, hit, enemies, toger, ally, search, was, multiple
- - Search in place with allies
- - the enemy is lost
- - the enemy is lost, there are allies
- - Throw a grenade
- - Target selected
- - Joined the group
- - Left the group
- - Intelligence has changed
- - idie
- - Get out of here
- - Put away your weapon
- - Run over
- - Talk NO
- - No cold steel
- - without weapons
- - Talk leader
- - Post combat wait
- - Post combat relax
- - I heard some noise

post, group, talk, lost, combat, enemy, allies, cold, steel, noise, run, weapon, weapons, leader, wait
post, group, talk, lost, combat, enemy, allies, cold, steel, noise, run, weapon, weapons, leader, wait

- ///////////////////// Deleting objects /////////////////////
- - Field with object types
- - - The field with the "all" type shows everyone who is spawned through the mod, the system dayz is made so that it is impossible to spawn a unit with the same name if there is already a live unit with the same name on the server. the same with almost all points.
- - - Quest field - shows all the tasks that are taken from the players - you can delete them if you decide to reset the task, it is not shown in the "all" field


/////////////////////////////////// Call function ///////// /////////////////////
same parameter in 3 places
1. Other actions in the trigger
2. In dialogs execution 1
3. at the Point.
In fact, this is the direct code of the DayZ Enscript game and, in fact, it is a programming language, which means it is difficult and not just to press buttons, but it is a debag function, before adding a button, we test it here.

new tags for "call a function"
target - as a rule, on whom the trigger is executed
parent - the opposite of target - or if the killer is target then parent is killed and vice versa, etc.
child - if target is a vehicle then child is pilot 1 if not then pilot 2
hands - hands or target , or parent , or child
crewarray - an array of all who are in the vehicle if the vehicle is target or parent or child
itemarray container array if loot is target or parent or child or hands
this is for a separate execution of the mod dayz function

For example
Botfunctions.Add_Task_Server("kill",uid,"76561198197506368",1); - make a mark
kill - marks name
uid - ID of the person who receives
"76561198197506368" - tag author
1 - number for marks

but you need to know the UID of that, which means you need to execute this code before the marks

PlayerBase user = PlayerBase.Cast(child);
PlayerIdentity identity=user.GetIdentity();
string uid=identity.GetPlainId();

Yes, it's more difficult than pressing a button, but it's faster than waiting for us to add the execution option you need
I will add more parameters and examples

Helicopter Interaction
- base class HeliTest_SIB
- Immediately start the engine at full power
SetAnimationPhase("hide_start", 1.0);
SetAnimationPhase("hide_rotor", 1.0);
HeliTest_SIB veh_current_sib = HeliTest_SIB.Cast(veh_current);

- Enable autopilot
SetAnimationPhase("reservev1", 1.0);
- Turn off autopilot
SetAnimationPhase("reserve1", 0);
- Stop the engine
target.SetAnimationPhase("hide_start", 0);
target.SetAnimationPhase("hide_rotor", 0);
HeliTest_SIB sib=target;

Interaction with Gunner Mod
- Put in place in the transport.
user.ToInTransport(veh, location)
- Put in place the gunner
- Drop off in vehicles
- Drop off the gunner
- Block landing on 0 place
- blocking the exit from 0 place
- blocking the landing on the 0 place of the gunner
- blocking the exit from the gunner's 0 place
- remove the lock landing on 0 place
- remove the blocking exit from 0 place
- remove the blocking landing on the 0th place of the gunner
- remove the blocking exit from the 0 place of the guner
- complete clearing of locks





///////////// Trader ////////////
He's a barter trader
- Name - Name to save
- Author - the author for whom the trade menu will be saved
- ❗️Item size - item size for menu 3 where they are visually visible, minimum 3
- ❗️Container - the trader sells loot by creating a temporary container and throwing loot into it, the container can only be opened by the person who bought it, the container disappears after 15 minutes or if the container is empty (excluding the option where purchased loot can disappear if the player has little in his inventory places)
- ❗️Another container - you can specify any other container class, but it will not have the removal functions and visibility only to the buyer, also if you leave the field empty, the loot will be thrown into the player’s inventory, but if there is no space, the loot will disappear.

container, loot, will, can, trader, ❗️, size, inventory, only, empty, item, name, disappear, menu, author
- Name - is responsible for the parameter in the dialogs when you turn on the trade menu
- Search - shows loot that the server Dayz knows about, including base classes
- Search type - searches by class, if you enter a class with this checkbox, the search will find all the loot where the name entered in the search will be the class from which all classes are inherited
- Price Buy - the price of goods that the bot buys from the player
- Damage Buy - level of damage that the bot can buy
- Price sell - the price for which the bot sells loot from its container to the player
- Damage sell - damage level of loot that the bot can sell to the player
- Limit Sell - the maximum amount of loot that the bot can sell (affects Limit Coef Sell)
- Limit Coef Sell - the percentage by how much the price can fall when selling to a player is associated with Limit Sell (the more loot a bot has, the cheaper he sells it) if the value is 0 then the price does not change, -1 hide or block
- Limit Buy - the maximum amount of loot that a bot can buy from a player (affects Limit Coef Buy)
- Limit Coef Buy - the percentage by how much the price can fall when purchasing from a player when approaching Limit Buy, a value of 0 does not change the price
- Type of loot - all loot, food, clothing, shops, ammunition, everything else that does not fit into the list.
- Sells
- - Add - adds everything in the search section (it’s better to use it in a place with a search, otherwise all the loot that the server Dayz knows will be added)
- - Remove - removes everything in the list from the price field (it’s better to use it with a search, otherwise it will remove everything from the list)
- Buying
- - Add - adds everything in the search section (it’s better to use it in a place with a search, otherwise all the loot that the server Dayz knows will be added)

- - Remove - removes everything in the list from the price field (it’s better to use it with a search, otherwise it will remove everything from the list)
- Search - search through the menu of posted prices
- - green limit coeff
- - red color limit
- - white color - this is the price
- - Add - adds everything in the search section (it’s better to use it in a place with a search, otherwise all the loot that the server Dayz knows will be added)
- - Remove - removes everything in the list from the price field (it’s better to use it with a search, otherwise it will remove everything from the list)
- Search - search through the menu of posted prices
- - green color - this is Limit Coef
- - red color is Limit
- - white color - this is the price

- Note
- - The trader needs a container, for this you need to create a container in the containers section, and indicate the container ID inside the bot in the “additional” section in the “container identifier” field, so that the container does not disappear, indicate the lifetime in it, for example 30 days and check the box "spawn at server Dayz start* the container should be located no further than 1 km from the bot
- - Items for sale - the trader sells loot only from a container, you can put loot into the container yourself or through a set, you can also assign an owner to the container who can take out and put loot there.
- - Limit Coef - this function is useful so that the bot gives discounts on loot of which it has a lot of one type and so that it greatly reduces the price when it buys loot of which it has a lot from players.
- - Different prices - since the name of the trade menu is indicated in the dialogue, you can show different prices to different players, taking into account, for example, tags.
- - Trader is a bot - a trader is a full-fledged bot, he can also attack, run, take a box and whatever the admin wants the bot to do.

container, bot, can, loot, trader, different, prices, players, lot, which, take, also, has, example, put




Deleting objects
Call function

The information is duplicated on the website for logging in via browser botmap-memo-eng.

Instructions Dayz on how to create a dynamic patrol
Instructions Dayz on how to make dialogues
Instructions Dayz for the functions of points, loot, animations, sounds,...
Instructions Dayz for Trader's instructions.
Instructions Dayz for Trigger, spawn and deletion events
Instructions Dayz trigger : timers and coordinate shifts
Instructions Dayz for trigger chains (high complexity)