Heli changelog

Heli changelog for Dayz

v.0.01 client, server Dayz (December 2019)

1. Bug fixes that it’s sometimes difficult to board a helicopter or open a door, there is no icon.
2. Sometimes a helicopter flips over after a restart.
3. Bell-205, Hughes 500 Update
4. The ability to rotate due to the tail, that is, standing still. on X and C
5. New flight simulation
6. Function for the server, you can change the level of damage.
7. Encryption mod dayz for better security.
8. New DLC
9. Third person camera

v.0.03 client, server
1 helicopter does not roll over after server Dayz restart
2 if the helicopter is curved during take-off, it does not deviate to the side
3 slightly higher take-off and landing speeds
4 less damage from random hits

v.0.1 client, server
1 helicopter does not roll over after server Dayz restart
2 new the helicopter
3 slightly higher take-off and landing speeds
4 less damage from random hits

v.0.2 client, server
1.The ability to take off, when tilted forward to fly in front, when tilted to the side, turns a little
2.the base helicopter model has been added

v.1.0 client, server
1.json settings added
2. fixed a bug related to a client crash for some players during repeated calls

v.2.0 client, server
1. When the helicopter takes off, dust rises
2. If you get into the engine, smoke starts and the helicopter slowly loses traction ...
3. If you hit the tail, the vert starts to twist and he also loses traction.
4.Added a fix for better stability and, fix a bug that caused rare helicopter flips after restarting
5. Added gas tank and waste of gasoline

v.2.5 client, server
1. from the 1st person the scoreboard will no longer be shown on the screen, this is done for servers Dayz from the 1st person, all the information is on the dashboard!
2. start the engine and autopilot by moving the cursor over the button.
3. you can simultaneously control a helicopter in 2, but the one on the left has priority.

v.4.1 client, server
1 starting the engine through the dashboard
2 has autopilot auto-hovering
3 GUI speed and benz is not visible from 1 person
4 on the dashboard, the operating speed of revolutions, benz and vert speed
5 both pilots can control the helicopter, more importantly the one on the left
6 added normal vert name
7 added a zero vert for the admin (set him a tank of 1000 and a waste of 0.000006 (more than 6 zeros)
8 autopilot works even if there is no pilot in the vertex
9 fixed damage grid
10 synchronizing the sound in the helicopter with the one next to the helicopter
11 fixed points of landing characters - now clearly visible

v.5.0 client, server
1. New flight simulation is smoother.
2. Improved autopilot now it holds altitude.
2. Adding a battery and candles.
3. New helicopters
4. Added imitation of starting the engine from a car so that the function of selling a helicopter from a trader works

v.5.3 client
1. New helicopters

1 Light in helicopters.
2 Light on the dashboard.
3. Replacing the blades.
4. Accumulator
5. Lights
6. 2 new heli

Fixed bugs with helicopter balance.
Fixed errors in server Dayz logs.
Fixed bugs with the stability of the helicopter in the sky.

v.6.4 client, server
1. Textures of normals and shadows were useless, I had to do almost from 0.
2. Dolgo suffered with 10 seats and a transfer function, there were a lot of bugs.
3. Realized the normal walking and shooting function in the cabin, you can walk normally in 8 people.
4. The dashboard is a monitor, which is already difficult, then I had to come up with a photo from 0 to a photo from a real dashboard.
5 There are 2 GPS on the dashboard, we had to come up with a whole mod dayz for this, now we

v.6.7 client, server
1. Fixed a bug in which in gunner mode you can leave the cabin and hover next to the helicopter.
2. Fixed a bug due to which parts were duplicated in the UH-60's inventory.
3. Fixed a bug due to which the key did not work for the trader on the UH-60 and UH-1D.
4. Fixed a bug due to which the UH-1D animation glitches under the bottom.
5. Fixed a bug related to the flight function due to the disconnection of one of the license servers.
6. Fixed a bug due to which, when the damage was completely turned off in the helicopter settings, the bullet damage passed through it.

v.6.71 client path to HelicopterMod_police.
1. Added light: spotlight and dashboard light.
2. Added battery.
3. Added bulbs for light.
4. Added 2 buttons to turn on the spotlight and light.
5. Fixed bug with invisible texture in swat
6Added 3 rear seat (now a helicopter with 5 seats)
7. Added transfer between all places.
8. Added sound.

Version 1.0 has been released (available to everyone for free).

v.6.7.2 path to HelicopterSIB_UH1D
1. Changed the texture of the gloss.
2. Added light to the salon and 2 spotlights outside.
3. Added the ability to replace blades and repair the engine.
4. Added 3 new textures airforce, navy, iron.
5. Added 2 more places (now the helicopter is 6-seater).

v.6.7.3 path now he HelicopterSIB_black-hawk
1. Fixed bug with light (conflict with police model) and updater police
2. Added texture with diamond camouflage.

v.6.10. client, server
1.fixed bugs with damage classes.
2.Fixed a rare bug that caused freezing when spawning.
3.fixed deray bug in several helicopters model
4.Fixed error in server Dayz logs.
5.fixed landing points in shooter mode.

v.7.2. client, server Dayz - date update — 04/18/2022
1. Added the ability to control the flight direction with the mouse. (turn off the Freelook option in the settings)
2. Added buttons to start the engine and autopilot from the 3rd person - a separate menu appears where the button name and description are shown.
3. Added a button to hide the menu from the 3rd person.
4. Slightly modified autopilot to work more stable at high altitude.
5. Added MI17 helicopter.
6. Fixed crash bugs in dayz 1.17 version.
7. Tilt the helicopter in front and back - the camera no longer follows the helicopter, but is fixed statically with the mouse.
8. Police helicopter added removable blades

v.7.3 pre-alpha
1. Added class _clear for mi17.
2. Fixed: class inheritance in mi17.
3. Added a setting to the config to enable the HUD all the time, including from the 1st person. - config_3rdPerson
4. Fixed: a bug due to which additional buttons appeared in other vehicles
5. Changed 3rd person engine start button to "C" button
6. The name of the secret server Dayz mod dayz now has the version as in the client archive, so as not to confuse the versions.
7. Fixed: when destroying the blades or the engine and then restoring them by replacing them, the sound and scrolling of the blades disappeared.
8. When destroying the blades of some helicopters, they did not disappear, but simply remained as if they had been killed inside the helicopter.
9. Add helicopter MH6 little bird, without doors, with shooting platform.
11. Changed the blades damage system dayz and player damage.
12. Parameters config Chassis,Body,Engine,Fuel,Rotor1,Rotor2 are now also used as a damage coefficient, that is, if the value is 2, then the damage from hitting objects will deal 2 times more damage, 0.5 will deal 2 times less damage, value 0 and minus - disables damage.
13. Parameters coef_damage_cont - gives the overall damage ratio.
14. Fixed a bug due to which json for retextures was created standard and not inherited from the base model.
15. Added homemade helicopter (replaceable blades are also present).
16. Fixed a bug due to which the arrow on the craft disappeared.
17. Fixed light not working on some models.

v.7.3.2 pre-alpha
1. Fixed that you can see the inventory and parts of the helicopter when the passenger door is closed.
2. Added a new config "global" it is needed for some global functions that are not directly related to the helicopter
now he added a primitive system dayz there, but which has been asked for a long time if you went to the server Dayz and are at a height of 50 meters, then you will be teleported to the nearest point to the ground - anti_fly - 0 or 1, anti_fly_height - 50 - height.
3. fixed that the inscription to open the door and exit the gunner mode was gone when you are in the gunner mode.
4. Mi17 - inventory can only be viewed in the center of the model from the inside, the opening of doors does not affect the appearance of inventory.
5. Fixed: there is no inscription to close the door and exit from the 3rd person.
6. Fixed a bug with the wrong position of a makeshift helicopter after a restart.
7. Fixed texture disappearance bug for some helicopters.
8. Fixed a bug due to the fact that the texture disappeared or was replaced by a texture from another pbo.

v.7.3.4 pre-alpha
1. Mi17 - fixed a bug that the helicopter started spinning when you open the door and lower the ladder.
2. Mi17 - fixed that it was possible to sit in the 2nd pilot's seat outside the helicopter.
3. Mi17 - fixed that when leaving the pilot's seat you got into the texture.
4. Mi17 tank location fixed - Now she's at the start of the outer tank near the door.
5. Mi17 - fixed during the flight, the helicopter abruptly began to roll to the right.
6. Fixed - now if there are no doors - the inventory is always visible, if there is at least 1 door, the inventory is not visible until the door is opened

v.7.3.5 pre-alpha
1. Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to open the mi17 door even if it was closed by a trader with a key.
2. A system dayz of rigid fixation of the helicopter on the center of the screen has been implemented, this will make it more convenient to control the helicopter and it will always be in the center of the screen.

v.7.4 alpha released, list of changes from pre-alpha 7.3 to 7.4

v.7.611 alpha issued list of changes from pre-alpha v 7.5.1 - v <#981283321734652044>

DLC v.7.5996
1. Fixed that if mi17 is manually deleted, pseudo doors remain.
2. Removed Function: 'SetPartsAfterStoreLoad' error due to pseudo doors
3. fixed problem in ec137 with damage it does not pass through the helicopter.
4. fixed a bug that the MuchCarKey mod dayz did not work on ec135 and mi17
5. Slightly improved places for opening the rear doors in mi17 (point on the side of the door)

v.7.62 alpha
fixed a bug due to which, if there are mods that change the GUI, the GUI dashboard had a non-transparent black background

- Уменьшено количество MissionServer с 14 до 1
- Оптимизирован код так чтоб не вызывать ошибку "Can't find matching overload for function 'GetDebugName' в модах где поврежден код "