Alpha version 7.4 update: An update in your personal account will

Alpha version 7.4 update: An update in your personal account will appear within 24-48 hours.
List of changes:
• Added a setting to the config to enable the HUD all the time, including from the 1st person. - config_3rdPerson
• Fixed: a bug due to which additional buttons appeared in other vehicles
• Changed 3rd person engine start button to "C" button
• Fixed: sound and scrolling of the blades disappeared
• Fixed: destroying the blades, they did not disappear
• Add MH6 little bird
• Changed the blades damage system dayz and player damage
• damage coefficient, if the value is 2, then the damage from hitting objects will deal 2 times more, 0.5 will deal 2 times less
• Parameters coef_damage_cont - gives the overall damage ratio
• Added homemade helicopter
• Fixed a bug due to which the arrow on the craft disappeared
• Fixed light not working on some models.
• Fixed that you can see the inventory and parts of the helicopter when the passenger door is closed
• global_config.json, anti_fly_height - 50. if you went to the server Dayz and are at a height of 50 meters, then you will be teleported to the nearest point to the ground
• fixed that the inscription to open the door and exit the gunner mode was gone when you are in the gunner mode
• Fixed: there is no inscription to close the door and exit from the 3rd person
• Fixed a bug with the wrong position of a makeshift helicopter after a restart
• Fixed - now if there are no doors - the inventory is always visible, if there is at least 1 cargo door, the inventory is not visible
• A system dayz of rigid fixation of the helicopter on the center of the screen has been implemented
• Many changes in Mi17 - log
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