update client, server v.0.84 - Added to point function call -

update client, server Dayz v.0.84
- Added to point function call
- Changed the bot's shooting system,
- Fixed shift in trigger
- Fixed a bug on a common group and on a friendly group
- Fixed a bug that the label condition does not work in dialogs and fixed on "dialog 2"
- Backup function added, Botmap_!back folder is created
- Added invisible cubes with geometry.
- Added the ability to call a function on the client
- Improved spawn system dayz for animals and zombies in the trigger
- Added the ability to install bot sibnic sibnic functionality in any PlayerBase
- Removed the ban on duplicating static triggers
- The "trigger height" parameter has been redesigned, now it is the Z-Axis, now both the value in plus and the value in minus are taken into account
- Added the ability to turn off the control when you moved into the bot
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