update client, server v.0.86 update within 1-3 hours. - fixed a bug

update client, server Dayz v.0.86 update within 1-3 hours.
- fixed a bug by opening a new dialog in the old one
- fixed bug of not working range parameter in intellect
- fixed a bug due to which mission json files were not updated after updating the mod.
- change the mod dayz folder, now all folders are not in the root of the profile, but in the BotMap_sib folder so as not to create unnecessary garbage in the profile folder, so that all mods are updated, place all old folders inside BotMap_sib in the profile folder
- Changed the function "pursuit distance" now it works: for pursuit by helicopter, in the type of behavior: pursuit, run away, retreat, attack, distance to the head of the group, distance in the ranks of the group.
- The system dayz of logs has been improved, now the logs.txt file accepts: 0 - no log, 1 - basic logs, 2 - basic logs and chat, 3 - full logs and chat.
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