update client, server v.0.9001 - added "named containers" (binding

update client, server Dayz v.0.9001
- added "named containers" (binding through dialogs or trigger)
- added container lifetime
- optimized code, removed "class MissionServer" leaving only 1
- added to the trigger condition to inherit the goal
- 2 new parameters have been added to the trigger for the target action - enable - disable = invulnerability to targets
- trigger operation has been optimized - the time of loading triggers to the server Dayz has been accelerated by 10 times
- a parameter has been added to the unit to turn off the simulation when there are no players within 1 km from the bot.
- added a full-fledged fire rate parameter for the new shooting system
- fixed a bug due to which the label issued through the trigger did not transmit the correct quantity.
- the names of containers have been changed (x means slots on the side, the number is how many slots) Container_10000x, Container_1000x Container_1000....
- Sib_SurvivorM_ghost new name of the invisible bot
- the loot exchange mark also now has a number.
- fixed shooting at coordinates at the center of the trigger + shift.
- the system dayz of shooting by coordinates has been changed, so that if you update the shooting through a trigger or point and set it to 0
- a condition has been added to the coordinate shooting system dayz where there are less than 0 shots - then he does not shoot, but simply aims.
- a target matching system dayz has been added to the trigger - if you pass data to a new trigger through target inheritance, it will wait for the trigger to execute
- added to the trigger the condition "and target class" "and target class" - this parameter works as the "AND" condition
- fixed a bug due to which sometimes the menu inscriptions in English did not show.
- fixed a bug due to which if you go to the server, the trigger will not work on you immediately, but after 30-60 seconds.
Full list of updates here

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